I’m delighted that the application for a basement excavation next to AIR Studios on Rosslyn Hill has been withdrawn. This means that the threat hanging over the world-leading recording studio – posed by the possibility of a year of drilling that would make recording impossible – has passed, at least for now.

This saga has been going on for a while, dating back to 2015. In my second full Council meeting as a councillor, I asked the Cabinet member to consider immediate action to prevent the basement development, due to the threat to AIR Studios. This campaign won the backing of the then-Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport.

When it came to the application, Camden failed to make a decision in the appropriate time period, so the applicant applied to the Planning Inspectorate to make a decision. This was upgraded from a hearing to a fully-pledged public inquiry, to take place in May 2018. However, the appeal and the two planning application were withdrawn this week, under intense public pressure.

I will continue to oppose any proposals – whether in neighbouring properties or by the owners of AIR Studios – that would threaten the future of the recording studio. It is a jewel Hampstead and Camden’s cultural crown, and its survival is absolutely essential for the UK film and music industry.

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