I was appalled by an attack on a lone woman on Grove Place yesterday, in which she was robbed of her jewellery, coming so soon after a similar attack in Belsize Park a couple of weeks ago.

It’s an horrendous crime that has appalled all of our community. It is vital that anyone with any information comes forward and reports anything suspicious to rid our area of this threat.

Thanks to the police’s hard work, crime has been cut by a sixth in Camden – and by a quarter in Hampstead – since 2010. But victims will find no solace in statistics and people deserve to feel safe in their own streets, which is why we need to continue to increase the number of neighbourhood police on the beat.

Camden Conservatives will keep pushing for the borough to hire more police officers through City Hall’s Match Funding Scheme – which halves their cost to Camden – so that all local residents benefit from safer streets.

Until that campaign comes to fruition, residents should know that the police are aware of this danger and are reassessing relative threats based on the information they receive. As such, if you come forward and report something suspicious, not only are you keeping yourself safe, but you’re keeping your neighbourhood safe, too.

For more about my campaign to keep our streets safe, click here.