Sadly, the development of Arthur West House on Fitzjohns Avenue was approved by Camden’s Development Control Committee last night, despite impassioned and informed opposition from local residents.

I spoke against the development myself, a video of which can be found here. And yes, I had to speak THAT quickly to get all of our objections into the five minutes I had.

I’m disappointed with the outcome of last night’s committee meeting – but to quote Wellington, it was the nearest run thing you ever saw. The vote was tied, and approval only granted by the casting vote of the Chair.

The arithmetic on the committee in favour of new high-rise development is incredibly difficult to overcome, but the fact it had to come down to the Chair’s casting vote speaks volumes

I want to thank everyone that was involved – obviously, the committee members wouldn’t have even given it a second thought it if weren’t for their work.

Ongoing discussions will have to take place between the Council, local residents, and the developer, and I will play a full part in these to ensure the impact of the development on residents is minimised.

For more about my campaign to oppose over-development, click here.