I wrote this letter to the Ham&High and CNJ this week, thanking residents for their submissions to Boundary Commission and defending the Boundary Commission against attacks by Tulip Siddiq.

I wish to write to thank the several hundred local residents that responded to the Boundary Commission’s consultation late last year: the results of which have just been published online.

More people responded in Hampstead & Kilburn than anywhere in the country. In total, 711 people responded from across the north of Camden, from Kilburn to Highgate – including more than 200 from my ward of Hampstead Town. This is a phenomenal level of engagement in this vital democratic process, and everyone that responded deserves credit.

I was myself delighted to support the Boundary Commission’s independent proposal for a parliamentary constituency that would keep Hampstead united and bring together the communities to which it’s historically, socially, and culturally connected, including West Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, and Highgate.

And by the looks of things, you agree – across the north of Camden, 87% of respondents backed the Boundary Commission’s independent proposal: a thumping majority unmatched anywhere, and indicative of the strong unity and pride displayed by our community.

I was, therefore, disappointed that Tulip Siddiq and her husband have both tried to disparage and discredit the civil servants at the independent Boundary Commission. This is the third proposal of the sixth review that the Boundary Commission and its predecessors have performed since 1944 – nothing about the process is new or party-political.

Whether we agree with the initial proposals or not, it’s important for all parties to accept the results of these reviews in order for MPs’ legitimacy to be upheld and maintained. Student union-level attacks on the independent Boundary Commission only undermine our parliamentary democracy.

That’s why I wanted to thank residents that did respond and engage constructively – because the process is important and the results must be respected. And from the looks of things – with the most respondents of anywhere in the country and 87% of them agreeing with the proposals – the people have spoken very clearly. They want to back the Boundary Commission and keep Hampstead united.