Camden Council has followed my suggestion, made back in February, to become the first borough in the UK to deploy super-fast public wi-fi.

I proposed this in a question at full Council in February. I cited New York City’s LinkNYC as a model, and I’m pleased to see that Camden will use the same consortium as provides New York’s system.

With 7,500 hotspots installed or planned, New York is covered with wi-fi that makes the average home broadband look slow: allowing people to work remotely, make video calls, download media files, and upload creative content quickly and for free.

The proposal also yields New York City’s government $500m over 12 years through advertising. Per person, that would be equivalent to Camden earning £1m a year in profit from the scheme.

As I said in my speech proposing it in February, channelling Frank Sinatra or JayZ, depending on your taste: “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”

I’m pleased to see Camden at the forefront of adopting the best technology from around the world, by following another suggestion from Camden Conservatives.

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