I’ve written before about the deep admiration I have for Her Majesty the Queen and our monarchy. Over the last six and a half decades, Her Majesty has performed an incredible role and set a great example of tireless self-sacrifice for everyone in the UK and the Commonwealth.

We should all be very proud of this, and the statistics show that just 9% of people would want to abolish the monarchy.

Sadly, that 9% seems to include Camden Labour. Their Leader poured scorn on our motion praising the Queen’s service with a solitary word ‘Noted’, rather than replying substantively as is usual (and polite).

For Her Majesty’s 90th birthday – yes, 90! – next week, all local authorities have been approached to erect a beacon to mark the occasion. Sadly, Camden has declined the opportunity, claiming that they don’t have any open spaces for it. Err… Camden doesn’t have any open spaces? Well, that’s news to me.

Let’s not forget what why it’s worth celebrating. Her Majesty the Queen has played an incredible role in the life of our nation and our borough for the last 64 years. Even at the age of 90, Her Majesty performs 400 public engagements a year and is patron of 600 charities: helping raise millions for the needy.

It’s outrageous that Camden’s Corbynista councillors refuse to celebrate the life of this wonderful woman and unrivalled public servant. It’s yet another example of Labour putting ideology before our community and our country.

In the words of the national anthem, I hope Her Majesty ‘confounds their politics, frustrates their knavish tricks’ and sets us a glorious example for many more years to come.