Camden’s Cabinet agreed on Wednesday to introduce a surprise new tax on Camden’s gardens.

The new Garden Tax will come in next April, with Camden charging residents £75 a year to dispose of any garden waste. This is on top of the reduction of bin collections from once a week to once a fortnight

The Labour Cabinet approved the Garden Tax despite it not having been publicly mooted at any point and not being subject to any public consultation.

As well as costing residents money and taking up time filling out forms, it’s a recipe for administrative disaster. Which streets paid for their service and which didn’t? How will binmen know? Will they miss people accidentally? Will less scrupulous residents free-ride off those that do pay?

Two things are clear. First, fly-tipping will increase, as people dump the odd small bit of green waste elsewhere. Second, recycling and composting will fall, as people avoid the charge by sticking their garden waste in their rubbish or their recycling bins. Neither of these outcomes is good.

As this was approved by Camden’s Cabinet, Conservatives did not have a vote on this matter, but we will be challenging the decision through a formal procedure called a ‘call-in’.

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