Camden Labour have refused to clarify which parts of the borough they plan to leave without weekly bin collections, in a move that will startle residents.

Camden’s Cabinet member for Culture and the Environment – who’s responsible for waste collections and told the Council in January that she thought large parts of the borough were suitable for fortnightly waste collections – issued her annual report on Monday.

However, despite the controversy of the proposal, the report didn’t even mention which parts of the borough would be reduced to fortnightly collection. Hampstead Conservative Councillor Gio Spinella asked the Cabinet member to clarify this omission, but she did refused to comment.

Camden is often aloof to the needs of Hampstead, with Camden Labour deeply dismissive of anyone that stands up for our community. This has led many residents to express their worry to me that Hampstead will be the first part of the borough to be let with one collection every two weeks.

One Labour-run council has even moved to collecting rubbish just once a month. This is intolerable. As a matter of principle, weekly bin collections must be preserved – and I will fight tirelessly to ensure that they are.

For more about my campaign to restore weekly bin collections, click here.