Camden Council will tonight be subjected to a ‘petition’ of 17 members of the Revolutionary Communist Group demanding that Camden abandons both the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism and its Prevent programme, by which it monitors extremist groups (as it is required to by law).

It, of course, wants to stop the latter because it is an extremist group. It stands against our very way of life, and it espouses anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and racist tropes about Israel to help advance its sick socialist creed. Guido Fawkes has written about their appearance here.

They have further since made it clear that they will use the opportunity to make statements that Camden Council rightly considers to be anti-Semitic, e.g. that Israel is a racist endeavour. This is despite the Council refusing to permit residents to bring deputations time and time again. But I guess there’s one rule for residents and another for revolutionary communists.

The Revolutionary Communist Group is not a genteel tea party – their hatred for our way of life is in their name. For Camden to let them hijack council meetings with their agenda, while refusing to let others speak, is an affront to all decent residents.

Camden has been identified as a high risk council for terrorist, with residents, former pupils, and students convicted of terrorist offences in recent years. The ‘Underwear Bomber’ – who tried to blow up a plane in 2009 – was a student at UCL in Camden at the same time as me and was radicalised while there.

The Council has insisted that the administration has absolute authority to refuse to hear a deputation – so why wouldn’t they stop people their own officers thought were a threat to public safety?

Sadly, as it is formally classed as a ‘petition’, I will not have the opportunity to speak against it, as the rules permit only the Cabinet member to rebut it, but if given a chance, I will give them both barrels.

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