I love Hampstead and am leading a number of campaigns to keep Hampstead special and ensure it remains the best place in London to live.

1. Restoring weekly bin collections

Rubbish on South End Green

Labour have cut residents’ bin collections in half to just once a fortnight across the north of Camden, and imposed a £75 a year Garden Tax to collect green waste. I am campaigning to reverse both policies, and will fight to ensure Hampstead residents have their core services restored. I’m also pushing to ensure fly-tipping is properly punished.

See here for more details.

2. Keeping our streets safe

Police officers on our streets
While crime has fallen nationally, it’s risen in Hampstead, which now has twice the crime rate of neighbouring Belsize. I am campaigning to put more police on our streets, open a new police contact point in Hampstead, and end the catastrophic merger of Camden’s police with Islington’s.

See here for more details.

3. Reducing air pollution

Electric vehicle charging point to reduce air pollution
Air pollution is a particular problem in Hampstead, due to the school run and rat-running through Hampstead whenever there’s congestion on Finchley Road. I’m fighting to reduce pollution by radically expanding the network of electric vehicle charging points and by planting more trees across Hampstead.

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4. Fighting against over-development

Opposing over-development on Downshire Hill
Hampstead has, as with much of Camden, experienced in a rush of development in recent years. Where development would harm our community, I have been and will continue to be strongly opposed. From the Nurses Home at 29 New End to Arthur West House on Fitzjohns Avenue, mega-developments threaten the character and livability of Hampstead.

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5. Protecting our green spaces

Hampstead Heath
I love Hampstead’s green areas, especially the Heath. I campaigned against the Hampstead Dams project and will fight against further ‘parkification’ of our Heath. I’m campaigning for Oriel Place Gardens in the heart of Hampstead village to be re-opened by Camden Council and back the efforts to restore the gardens outside the Royal Free Hospital.

See here for more details.

6. Standing up for local businesses

Hampstead High Street
Hampstead’s village atmosphere requires not just green spaces and beautiful residential areas. It relies on local businesses providing diverse shops, places to socialise, and employment opportunities. I’m particularly fighting for a better deal for pubs, which help to cement our community together but many of which struggle financially.

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