Thriving local businesses are part of our vibrant community, and I’m passionate about helping them to succeed. Our High Street has a huge number of local independent shops. It’s important to make sure they can succeed, both so local residents can use them, but also to keep our area somewhere people want to spend the day and spend money.

1. Protecting our pubs

Hampstead is known for its large number of pubs, but the number has fallen rapidly in recent years. With Conservative councillors and local residents, I’m campaigning to preserve our pubs: including re-opening the Magdala and the Old White Bear.

2. Reforming Business Rates

I’m looking at ways to make sure Business Rates are imposed locally in a way that reflects the contribution that businesses make to the local community. Rates are sadly going up in Hampstead due to rising property prices, and that means using every power we have to make it affordable for local businesses.

3. Support the free press

I’m an ardent supporter of a free press, and particularly of ensuring local press stays viable. Camden is blessed in having not one but two high-quality weekly newspapers. But they are under pressure, as local papers are everywhere, including from Camden Council competing with them. I support Camden assisting, not competing with, the local papers and oppose regulation of our press.

4. Making Hampstead High Street work for everyone

The local Conservative team is pushing for Tesco to use smaller vans to delivery to the store on Heath Street to reduce traffic congestion.

I got Camden to deploy free super-fast public wi-fi in areas across the borough: becoming the first local authority to do so in the country.

Hampstead’s village atmosphere requires not just green spaces and beautiful residential areas. It relies on local businesses providing diverse shops, places to socialise, and employment opportunities. That means standing up for our businesses and helping them thrive.

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