Boundary Commission confirms Hampstead seat – and Tulip Siddiq moans about it again

Posted on 15th September 2018

I’m delighted that the independent Boundary Commission has confirmed that Hampstead will have a single, united parliamentary constituency in the next Parliament. The new boundaries, subject to MPs’ approval, have been drawn up after extensive consultation (you can see my responses to that consultation here and here). As noted before, Hampstead had the most one-sided response to the Boundary Commission of any constituency in the...

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Belsize Village needs a level playing field

Posted on 2nd September 2018

The proposal to open a Co-op in Belsize Village has sparked a huge amount of interest and a large amount of correspondence for all local councillors. Unlike some objectors, I have no problem with supermarkets opening locally. With food bills consuming a large proportion of household budgets, little raises the standard of living of a local area more than the lower food prices that supermarkets can offer. However, little can reduce the standard...

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Going in-house would lead to worse services

Posted on 22nd August 2018

The Camden New Journal published the below letter from me on Labour’s ideologically-motivated, but economically-illiterate, plan to stop using contractors to deliver housing repairs. This is in response to Richard Ferraro’s excellent letter saying similar last week. Camden has the second-worst social housing in the country, and something has to change – but moving services in-house is not the way to do it. Improving monitoring...

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HS2 and the sunk cost fallacy

Posted on 13th August 2018

Despite disruption, full construction work on HS2 is yet to begin. Despite this, the costs of HS2 have already started racking up, with an estimated £4 billion already spent on the biggest infrastructure project in British history. This, it has been argued, means that it is too late to cancel, with too much precious taxpayers’ money poured into the project to turn around now that the true cost – of over £100 billion – has...

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Oliver gets Sadiq Khan officially reprimanded for passing the buck on crime

Posted on 8th August 2018

I’ve written before about my exasperation about Labour’s abuse of crime statistics for political purposes. The official statistics, from the Crime Survey, show that crime has fallen by a third since 2010. However, because of various social factors and better recording methods, the number of crimes recorded by police has risen. The chair of the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) has officially reprimanded Labour before for using the...

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Oliver signs cross-party letter criticising inadequate HS2 compensation scheme

Posted on 3rd August 2018

Following the completely unacceptable ‘compensation scheme’ tabled by HS2 Ltd, I co-signed a cross-party and cross-community letter in the Camden New Journal condemning it and requesting a proper scheme that reflects the strong recommendation of the Lords Committee and the political commitment made by the Government to respect it. The letter is reproduced below. How does HS2 Ltd respond to a strong recommendation by a Select...

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