Oliver calls for stronger action against female genital mutilation

Posted on 23rd February 2019

On Monday, I’m tabling a motion that would commit Camden to a zero-tolerance approach to female genital mutilation (FGM) and Unlike many council motions, this is neither partisan nor so woolly that it doesn’t mean anything. It commits the Council to looking at specific actions to make ‘zero tolerance’ into reality. I’m grateful for feedback from Labour councillors, including the relevant Cabinet member, relevant...

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Oliver writes to Sadiq Khan to try to save Swiss Cottage

Posted on 23rd November 2018

The proposed 24-storey skyscraper at 100 Avenue Road has loomed over Swiss Cottage and overshadowed the community for several years. It was granted permission by the Planning Inspectorate a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean that Camden’s job is done. Indeed, the Planning Committee, on which I sit, still has a say. In July, we voted not to agree the proposed Construction Management Plan, which details how the building will be...

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Full Council Meeting: 12 November 2018

Posted on 16th November 2018

There was a meeting of Camden Council on Monday, 12th November. As part of my accountability to residents, below are the actions I took at the meeting. In the themed debate on rough sleeping, I noted that despite the claims from Labour councillors that rough sleeping was caused by the government, Camden had the largest increases in rough sleeping nationally this year and since 2010, suggesting something was going specifically wrong in Camden,...

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Labour in Camden is failing our schools

Posted on 9th November 2018

The Camden New Journal published the below letter following up on my previous letter on Camden’s falling school standards, in response to a letter by the Cabinet member for Best Start in Life (i.e. children, schools, and families). As noted before, standardised exam results have fallen in Camden relative to other London boroughs. Yet Camden’s Cabinet member responded to me mentioning this by saying I was ‘badmouthing’...

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The end of austerity: running a bath is not the same as flooding the house

Posted on 6th November 2018

The Camden New Journal published the below op-ed from me on the Budget and what it means for our ability to spend on our priorities.* I’m perplexed by Labour’s claims that saying that government spending will now rise – the ‘end to austerity’, as announced by Theresa May – means that all restraints are off. The only reason we have a declining deficit is because of careful stewardship, which would be...

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Oliver proposes Camden adopts an Animal Welfare Charter

Posted on 1st November 2018

As council colleagues, you’d expect me to have much in common with Maria Higson, but there’ll always be at least one sticking point between us: I’m a cat person and she’s a dog person. But whether our best friend prefers to go for walks or for naps, we share the view that promoting animal welfare is a vital role of local councils. Britain is a nation of animal-lovers, and Camden is a borough of one, too. We want Camden Council...

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