Full Council meeting: 20 November 2017

Posted on 24th November 2017

There was a meeting of Camden Council on Monday, 20th November. As part of my accountability to residents, below are the actions I took at the meeting. Note: I was ill, having only been released from being an in-patient at the Royal Free a couple of hours before the meeting, so my performance was a little sub-par, but I did my best to speak with my usual vigour! I asked the Cabinet member for Best Start in Life (Labour’s nonsense name for...

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Oliver proposes motion to put more police on the beat

Posted on 12th November 2017

Talking to hundreds of residents a month, one of the key issues that comes up frequently is the fear of crime. Although crime has fallen nationally, it appears to be rising locally (comparative figures aren’t readily available). This is unacceptable, and the fear that it has created has caused many more vulnerable residents to question whether they can continue to live in Hampstead. I’ve written before about Camden...

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Make Camden electric website launched

Posted on 29th October 2017

Camden Conservatives have launched a website to inform people about my campaign to install more electric vehicle charging points across the borough.

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AIR Studios lives on as next-door application is withdrawn

Posted on 14th October 2017

I’m delighted that the application for a basement excavation next to AIR Studios on Rosslyn Hill has been withdrawn. This means that the threat hanging over the world-leading recording studio – posed by the possibility of a year of drilling that would make recording impossible – has passed, at least for now. This saga has been going on for a while, dating back to 2015. In my second full Council meeting as a councillor, I asked...

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Helping Heath visitors go green with electric vehicles

Posted on 10th October 2017

To tackle out of control local air pollution, I’m working hard to put the deployment of electric vehicle charging points at the top of the agenda. Lots of grants are available for local authorities to bid, especially on-street residents’ parking spaces. But spaces are at a premium in Hampstead, so Hampstead Heath car parks are often used not by day-trippers or walkers, but by people that park there every day. Indeed, our local...

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Fixing the politics of housebuilding: enhancing the New Homes Bonus

Posted on 4th October 2017

There is virtually no elected official that would deny that the UK is facing a housing crisis. Since 1997, the UK hasn’t built anywhere near enough houses, and that has caused the cost of housing to skyrocket: pricing home-ownership well out of the reach of ordinary Britons. Local authorities generally don’t like new housing, and who can blame them? It puts pressure on public services and it can undermine the character of local...

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