Today, Her Majesty the Queen became the longest-serving monarch in British history: surpassing Queen Victoria by reigning for 63 years and 216 days.

That’s 63 years of selfless service, 63 years of incredible hard work and incredibly achievement, and 63 years of stability and certainty in an ever-changing world.

Her Majesty has helped define Britain in the best way possible, and set us the best example possible, and we as a nation will be eternally thankful for that.

I’m proposing a motion at next week’s meeting of Camden Council congratulating Her Majesty on this incredible achievement. The full text of the motion can be found below:

      This Council:

      • Congratulates Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II on become the longest-serving monarch in British history and thanks Her Majesty for 63 years and 222 days of selfless service.
      • Supports the monarchy as an internationally-recognisable and internationally-loved symbol of our country that unites us as a people, and sets us all an impeccable example of tireless public service.
      • Notes that Her Majesty has been there, throughout Camden’s history: from opening the Swiss Cottage Civic Centre in 1964 to the British Library in 1998, from opening the Royal Free Hospital in 1978 to UCLH in 2005, and from opening Euston in 1968 to St Pancras International in 2007.
      • Is impressed that, at the age of 89, the Queen carried out a phenomenal 393 official engagements in 2014, while Prince Philip, aged a sprightly 94, conducted 273, and the rest of the Royal Family conducted 3,417: ten every
        single day of the year.
      • Notes that the Queen is patron of 600 charities, helping to raise the profile of – and raise money for – deserving causes from ABF the Soldiers’ Charity to Action for Children. And that’s just in the ‘A’s.
      • Notes that the two longest-ruling monarchs have both been women, despite the historical injustice of sons inheriting the throne ahead of daughters, and commends the Conservative Government on giving women equal inheritance rights to the Crown for the first time ever.
      • Commends the Conservative Government for abolishing the Civil List: making the monarchy sustainably self-financing for the first time in history.
      • Sends her victorious, happy and glorious, and hopes that our country is united by Her Majesty’s example and that of the monarchy for many more years to come.