I’ve just completed my first year on Camden Council. As part of my attempts to ensure accountability, I’ve recorded every occasion I’ve spoken and voted in full Council.

You can see a record of that here. It’s not the most exciting thing, but it allows you to see the key decisions and where I’ve stood on them. Other than motions and reports, there have been three key votes in full Council:

  1. Council Tax – I voted against Camden Labour’s Budget, which has raised Council Tax by 1.99%, and voted for the Conservatives’ alternative budget, which would have cut it (there was a Conservative whip on this).
  2. Councillors’ allowances – I voted against raising Councillors’ allowances a penny. When Labour are cutting services and raising Council Tax, it is wholly inappropriate to increase allowances to councillor and Cabinet members (there was no Conservative whip on this).
  3. Late Night Levy – I voted against the Late Night Levy, which would have increased costs for late-night businesses and been a wholly-inefficient way of Camden Council to raise money. (there was no Conservative whip on this)