Yesterday, I finally received an answer to the question I asked of Camden’s Cabinet about electric vehicle charge points ahead of the 3rd July council meeting.

The answer noted that Camden has just 28 publicly-available charge points – fewer than the 34 that ZapMap suggested we had – and incredibly, just 18 of them are live. This is an unacceptably low.

The reply also stated that there are 287 EV permit holders in the borough, meaning 10 for each and every charge point. This ratio is such that it is basically not feasible to own an electric car in Camden unless you have your own charging facilities: something that most homes do not have.

Today we’ve seen new data showing that electric vehicles now account for 5.5% of all car sales in the UK – up from the 4% that I celebrated it hitting just two months ago!

This incredibly uptick shows that Camden needs to be ready to deploy not dozens, but hundreds – or even thousands – of new charging points over the next two years. With grants available from both central government and the Greater London Authority, it has never been as cost-effective as it is now to go electric and help reduce air pollution in Hampstead.

Cllr Jones has said that Camden will assess where charge points are needed based on resident responses. So we will be urging residents over the coming months to write to us and tell us where points are needed. Now is the time for action, not half measures and mealy-mouthed platitudes.

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