As discussed before, the Boundary Commission is conducting its sixth national review of the parliamentary boundaries. I believe this is incredibly important, as this will be the first time that boundaries will be equal-sized, making them indicative of not just the boundaries to be used in 2020, but future years as well.

As part of the review, I led Hampstead & Kilburn Conservatives’ campaign to alert people to the changes. We welcome the changes proposed by the Boundary Commission, which creates a constituency based on Hampstead that’s far more coherent and cohesive. Furthermore, by combining all of Queens Park and more of Kilburn than is currently united in Hampstead & Kilburn, it preserves those communities, too.

Thanks to the groundswell of public support and a well-executed informational campaign, Hampstead & Kilburn was the constituency in the country with the most comments from members of the public: most of which backed our proposal and all of which were published online this week. I’ll present a numerical breakdown of the evidence later.

Among that evidence was that given by me in a personal capacity, consisting of oral evidence on 27th October and written evidence on 5th December. You can read my written evidence (all five pages of it…) here.

Alternatively, you can watch my oral submission in full here:

The Boundary Commission has produced a transcript here, but it contains a few errors of transcripting and renders my words verbatim, including some misspeaks, I have produced a ‘Hansardised’ version, which conveys a cleaned-up version of the words to help understanding (I didn’t write a speech for the occasion and as you can hear from my breathing, I’d run to get there on time due to a delayed train, which significantly impaired my rhythm and flow, so that’ll have to do!).