Francis Maude discussing reducing waste in government with me, Claire-Louise Leyland and Simon Marcus.

Francis Maude discussing reducing waste in government with Oliver Cooper, Claire-Louise Leyland and Simon Marcus.

Francis Maude visited Hampstead today to discuss with me how he has allowed central government to preserve front-line services by reducing wasteful back-office spending by £20bn a year – and how we can replicate that in Camden.

Camden Council has imposed considerable cuts on front-line services without first examining how to reduce waste. Core services, such as weekly bin collections, are now in Camden Labour’s crosshairs because of their wasteful spending.

Last month, Camden Conservatives proposed a balanced alternative to Labour’s budget that would have preserved front-line services instead of cutting them, reduced Council Tax instead of increasing it, and targeted waste instead of services residents rely on. Sadly, Labour and the Liberal Democrats both rejected the proposal – necessitating cuts to services and a hike in Council Tax.

In government, Francis Maude has saved taxpayers £20bn a year by maximising use of the government’s property, streamlining procurement, delivering IT projects under-budget, joining up departments, and reducing spending on taxpayer-funded trade union officials: without imposing a penny of cuts to services. As a councillor, I would address these issues, preserve services such as weekly bin collections, and reduce Council Tax to put more money in your pocket.

Camden still wastes considerable amounts of money by not taking these simple steps: keeping large amounts of office space and other council-owned real estate unused, not utilising advertising space effectively, spending on the council’s ‘Camden magazine’ propaganda paper, and paying for a number of trade union officials not to work.

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