There was a meeting of Camden Council on Monday, 2nd March. As part of my accountability to residents, below are the actions I took at the meeting.

  1. I tabled an alternative budget, which among 53 different costed budget lines. As well as items from previous years, it would have been the most anti-crime budget that Camden has ever seen: putting more police on the street, opening police bases in Hampstead and Swiss Cottage, ending burglary by deploying SmartWater forensic liquid kits, and installing more CCTV. It also would have frozen core Council Tax. However, it was opposed by all non-Conservative councillors. (R)
  2. I voted against increasing Council Tax by 4.99%. (V)
  3. I voted against increasing councillors’ allowances by 2%, as this is three times the rate of inflation and not justifiable when Council Tax is going up and services being cut. (V)
  4. I was due to give my speech as Leader of the Opposition regarding the rising cases of coronavirus. In particular, I am concerned about the poor public information (e.g. Camden’s website says that you should only be concerned if you’ve been in specific parts of China or Italy, but this is out of date), and plans for education in case schools close. However, we did not get to this, as the item was moved to the end of the agenda and Labour councillors blocked hearing these speeches. (S*)