There was a meeting of Camden Council on Monday, 20th June. As part of my accountability to residents, below are the actions I took at the meeting:

  1. Asked the Leader of the Council about Camden Council’s response to the Government’s consultation on the Housing & Planning Regulations, which, by rejecting the rationale for the Act (which had already passed) altogether, undermined its effectiveness merely to score party-political points. (R)
  2. Asked the Chairman of the Audit of Corporate Governance Committee to ensure that the Planning Committee chair would retain discretion to extend councillors’ speaking time on planning applications when it was felt appropriate to the case. (R)
  3. Asked the Cabinet Member for Housing about the high proportion of Camden-owned properties that are void at any time, which exceeds both the private and Housing Association sectors in Camden and council landlords elsewhere (she refused to answer, as she rejected these figures, but they can seen in black and white on the ONS website here). (Q)
  4. Proposed a motion congratulating Sadiq Khan on his election as Mayor of London and calling on Camden Council to put as much effort into holding the Mayor to account (having abandoned several manifesto promises within the first month in office) as they do into holding to account the Government. Sadly, instead of highlighting ways that they would lobby the Mayor, they decided to attack the Conservative candidate for the mayoralty (which, given he lost and therefore can’t be held to account, doesn’t actually benefit residents). (M)

You can see a full round-up of meetings this year here.