There was a meeting of Camden Council on Monday, 30th January. As part of my accountability to residents, below are the actions I took at the meeting:

  1. Spoke in favour of an emergency motion condemning Donald Trump’s Executive Order prohibiting people from seven Muslim-majority countries coming to the UK. The motion was passed unanimously. (M)
  2. Asked the Chairman of the Culture & Environment Committee what had been done to examine parking strategy in the previous year and urged the Committee to look into parking strategy as soon as possible, especially in light of the rejected deputation on parking that had been presented by MILAM Residents Association, which had been advised to present to the Culture & Environment Committee instead. (R)
  3. Asked the Cabinet Member for Sustainability & the Environment what Camden Council had done – other than cutting residents’ services – to improve the recycling rate, given that the proportion of waste that was recycled had fallen from 32% to 25% since Labour took over the council in 2010, while the national rate had increased. The Cabinet Member noted that the Council had introduced Green Points (funded by the Conservative Government) and that recycling could be falling due to the improving economy (finally, some honesty about the economy’s strength under the Conservatives!). In my supplementary question, I urged the Cabinet Member to rule out rifling through residents’ bins to penalise people that did not recycle enough, as he mooted at a public meeting in West Hampstead, which he did not, and suggested that the Council put more money into improving education about how to recycle more effectievly instead. (Q)
  4. We did not get to the scheduled motions. However, I was due to propose a motion granting 25% Business Rates relief to Assets of Community Value. (M*)

You can see a full round-up of meetings this year here.