I’m thrilled that the Globe Lawn Tennis Club – adjacent to Aspern Grove in Belsize Park – has finally been granted a reprieve and saved after a two year fight for its survival.

Camden Council had refused to grant a new lease without a break clause. However, the club’s funding from the Lawn Tennis Association was dependent on the lease not having a break clause: jeopardising its future.

I pushed for the club’s premises to get the status as an Asset of Community Value, and wrote a detailed letter on behalf of the three Hampstead Town councillors arguing why it should be granted.

As this Ham & High article states, the granting of this status broke the stalemate between the two sides, as it ensured the club premises could not be used for anything other than a tennis club: making the invocation of a break clause pointless and thus persuading the Council to drop its demand for one.

I have been absolutely thrilled by the strength of feeling for the Globe – with residents, whether members or not, supporting it en masse. This shows just how much it is valued, and just how much saving it is worth to Hampstead and Belsize Park.

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