Last week, the Hampstead Forum unveiled the results of their survey of opinion on upcoming CIL-funded projects. CIL – short for the Community Infrastructure Levy – monies are paid by developers, with some of it ring-fenced for capital expenditure on local amenities.

They found that five projects secured more than 50% support:

  • Redesigning and redecorating the Royal Free’s dementia unit
  • Supporting the gardening project on Pond Street
  • Opening and improving the gardens on Boades Mews
  • Improving the space outside Keats House
  • Renovating the Hampstead Community Centre

I will support funding for all five projects. I’m particularly pleased with the level of support for the gardening project on Pond Street and the gardens on Boades Mews: campaigns that I have supported, and for which I will continue to push for funding and support from Camden.

Together with re-opening Oriel Place Gardens and planting more trees across Hampstead, these projects will go a long way to improving Hampstead’s beauty, amenity, and air quality.

For more about my campaign for a greener Hampstead, click here.