I was delighted to attend the Hampstead Forum’s unveiling of its draft Neighbourhood Plan at Burgh House this evening. Neighbourhood Plans increase protections against developments that are out of character for an area (one is already in place in West Hampstead).

I will be going through it with a fine toothcomb to make sure the plans work for residents, but from what I can see, it’s been very well thought-through and will make a significant improvement to conservation in Hampstead.

I was asked about Hampstead’s Conservation Area statement: another mechanism by which Hampstead’s character is protected against over-development. The statement hasn’t been updated since 2001, so is a little out-of-date in parts (as well as having some factual inaccuracies).

I’ve been pushing for the Conservation Area statement to be updated, as has Cllr Stephen Stark. However, the draft Plan relies on the Conservation Area statement as part of its evidence base, so an up-to-date statement is essential to ensure the Plan offers Hampstead as strong protection as it can.

As such, I will be pushing again for the statement to be updated and will keep residents updated about the outcome of that pressure.

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