After several months of delay, councillors have finally been told which roads will lose their weekly bin collections in April and have them cut to just once a fortnight. The answer is sadly almost all of Hampstead.

Residents will be told by post next week, but below is the Camden-issued map of the roads that will see their rubbish collections cut to once a fortnight. Weirdly, green is not good – in a seemingly-deliberate attempt by Labour to make things look better than they are, green means ‘your road is being cut’.

I have fought against this change for almost two years. Even after it was forced through, I have pushed, as have Tom Currie and Stephen Stark, for as many roads in Hampstead Town to be exempt from the change as possible: making representations about their unsuitability for fortnightly collections, especially due to the small size of gardens, pavements, or communal areas.

Although I am very displeased that most of Hampstead will lose its service, I am pleased that a number of roads in Hampstead Village will retain their collections: Flask Walk, Back Lane, Lakis Close, Gardnor Road, and Murray Terrace; New End, New End Square, and Streatley Place; Gayton Road (but bizarrely not Gayton Crescent); Carlingford Road and Kemplay Road (but bizarrely not Denning Road); Holly Mount; Perrin’s Lane; and Spencer Walk. Flats above shops, council estates, and large blocks of flats are unaffected.

I know that a number of areas that are seeing their services cut are deeply unsuitable for fortnightly collections. As a result, I will continue fighting for weekly collections to be restored to ALL streets – and, if that is not accepted, argue for restoration on a street-by-street basis.

The more evidence of unworkability, the stronger the case for a rethink. So please contact me if you will be particularly hard hit by Labour’s poorly thought-through cuts.

For more about my campaign to restore weekly bin collections, click here.