On Thursday morning, I was alerted by a Jewish News reporter of Nazi graffiti (in the form of spraypaint swastikas) on the side of a council housing block in Kentish Town.

I immediately informed the police and the borough’s monitoring manager; the police visited that evening to confirm and allow them to open an investigation, and Camden cleaned it off on Friday morning. I’ve just gone down there and confirmed that it had been cleaned off.

I’d like to thank the borough and the Metropolitan Police for acting so quickly. I know how hurtful that sick symbol is, and it’s crucial to report and remove graffiti like this as soon as possible – both to prevent it causing offence and to stop it becoming normalised as a presence in our society.

Sadly, we are seeing this more and more nowadays – with the number of anti-Semitic hate crimes doubling last year in London.

If you encounter anti graffiti – particularly hateful graffiti like this that has to be cleaned off immediately – please drop me a message.

Update (25/1/16): Jewish News have covered this story with more details.

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