The Liberal Democrat manifesto was unveiled yesterday – and despite the risible claims of local Liberal Democrats to the contrary, it DOES include a Mansion Tax. The Lib Dems, Labour, and the SNP would now categorically both introduce a Mansion Tax if they got into government.

Lib Dems back Mansion Tax

The tax, which would hit ordinary Hampstead homes – including lots of two-bedroom homes – for thousands of pounds a year. The Lib Dems tried to rebrand their tax as a ‘High Value Property Levy’ earlier this year to try to distance themselves from the disastrous policy. But they’ve now given up that pretense and resorted to the name that they gave it when they originally proposed it in 2009: the Mansion Tax.

The manifesto also corrected local Lib Dems, who have previously erroneously claimed the policy was for an extension of Council Tax. As the manifesto states, the money would go to central government and not – unlike Council Tax – to Camden Council: making it a tax on our community to pay for services elsewhere.

More properties would be hit in just Hampstead & Kilburn than in the whole of the North of England, the Midlands, Scotland, and Wales combined. It is, in no uncertain terms, a tax on our community – yet Labour and the Liberal Democrats back it whole-heartedly. To oppose it, you have to vote Conservative.