Last week, both Labour and the Lib Dems unveiled their manifestos, both of which included a Mansion Tax. I’ve written before that the Mansion Tax is a tax on our community, as it hits TEN TIMES more homes in just Hampstead Town than it does in the whole of Wales. And most of those are flats, not mansions.

But the Lib Dem manifesto made this even clearly. The website version of their manifesto illustrates the policy with a picture of Inverforth House on Inverforth Close in… Hampstead Town ward! And despite it looking like a mansion from the outside, it’s actually split up into nine properties: all of which would be hit by the Lib-Lab Mansion Tax.

Lib Dems back Mansion Tax

So there you have it – the Lib Dems have inadvertently made clear that they envisage the ‘Mansion Tax’ being paid by people living in flats in Hampstead Town. The only way to defend our community is to oppose Labour and the Lib Dems’ pernicious Mansion Tax – and that means voting Conservative.