I’m delighted that Hampstead’s Neighbourhood Plan was approved by 91.5% of local residents in the referendum held on Thursday.

I have been campaigning for the Plan, explaining to residents its importance on the doorstep, on street stalls, and in the local papers. You can read my op-ed explaining my support here.

It’s very helpful that it was approved by such a large margin. The turnout was also by far the highest of any of the four Neighbourhood Plan referendums held in Camden thus far (it was 20.5%, whereas the other three averaged 15%). This means it will carry real legitimacy and clout.

My gratitude for this goes out to everyone that spent the last five years putting it together, collecting ideas, canvassing opinions, collecting evidence, drafting and redrafting it, and then campaigning to get such a great result.

For more about my campaign to oppose over-development, click here.