I’ve written before about my exasperation about Labour’s abuse of crime statistics for political purposes.

The official statistics, from the Crime Survey, show that crime has fallen by a third since 2010. However, because of various social factors and better recording methods, the number of crimes recorded by police has risen. The chair of the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) has officially reprimanded Labour before for using the latter figure, when the former is the only reliable and meaningful metric.

With that in mind, I wrote on 17th July to the UKSA requesting that it reviews Sadiq Khan’s use of crime statistics. To distract from his terrible record at tackling crime, he has constantly claimed that violent crime is rising nationally by pointing to the police recorded crimes. However, the Crime Survey very clearly shows a 34% fall in violent crime and a 45% fall in violence leading to injury.

Yesterday, the chair of the UKSA responded to my letter by officially and publicly reprimanding Khan for doing so. Khan has since retracted his false statement that violent crime is rising outside London, and committed to not misusing the statistics again. The Times has covered the story here.

Cutting crime must be any Mayor’s top priority, so it’s not good enough to blame others. Instead of passing the buck, the Mayor must rededicate himself to the day job of using every power he has to combat knife crime. Since 2010, knife crime has fallen in Manchester and Birmingham, and if other cities can tackle it, London can too.

The job of the Mayor is to cut crime, not spin statistics.

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