Labour last night set out their opposition to Conservative plans for council tenants to pay lower rents: a slap in the face of the silent majority of Camden’s council tenants.

Camden have increased tenants’ rents by 28% in the last four years. As was noted by one exasperated TRA representative at last night’s meeting of Camden’s DMCs, ordinary residents have had quite enough.

The Conservatives think rents should be lower, not higher, which is why the Conservative government is requiring councils to reduce sky-high rents by 1% a year for the next four years.

At the same time, the Conservatives are investing in regenerating the 100 most run-down council estates across the UK. Thanks to Zac Goldsmith, this will mean everyone affected has a better home, on the same estate, at the same rent.

As the DMC meeting showed, there are a large number of ways to improve services and efficiency in Camden’s £230m housing budget.

It’s a pity that Camden would prefer to score political points than deliver lower rents and better services for residents.