Thank you to everyone that voted for me in yesterday’s election. I won 2,693 votes, with my nearest challenger on 1,381, meaning I’ve been elected to be your councillor on Camden Council, alongside Tom Currie and Stephen Stark.

I’m overwhelmed by the support I’ve received. This was the most votes that a Conservative has ever won in any ward in any council election in Camden’s fifty-year history. This is a strong signal that Hampstead residents reject Camden Labour’s agenda – especially their plan to cut bin collections to just once a fortnight. It gives local Conservatives a large mandate to stand up to them over the next three years.

The election of a Conservative majority government also means the threat of a Mansion Tax hitting our area has receded for the next five years. However, we will remain vigilant about this threat until all parties accept that imposing further taxation on homes in our area is unacceptable.

  Name Party Votes Vote share Change from
May 2014
  Oliver Cooper Conservatives 2,693 51% +8%
  Maddy Raman Labour 1,381 26% +5%
  Sophie Dix Greens 597 11% -1%
  Yannick Bultingaire Liberal Democrats 543 10% -13%
  Nigel Rumble Independent 73 1% N/A