Hampstead’s much-cherished Old White Bear has lain dormant and unopened for the past few years. But a lively and forceful campaign has kept alive the hopes of re-opening the pub.

A key element of achieving that is its status as an Asset of Community Value (ACV), which the community secured for it almost five years ago. That status makes it harder to change its use to anything other than a pub.

However, it also lapses after five years, requiring it to be renewed. When a building has not been used recently for the purpose for which it is listed as an ACV, it is harder to re-list it, so we have joined the community to throw out full weight behind it.

Among other things, I have written this letter on behalf of the three Hampstead Town councillors, making the case both that the Old White Bear was of community value and that it is likely to be restored to that use within the next five years.

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