I strongly oppose HS2, both because it is is economically unsuited to meet its stated goals and increasingly financially unviable. It will devastate the Chilterns, where I grew up, and the borough of Camden.

HS2 Ltd has held a consultation on its proposed Prolonged Disturbance Compensation Scheme, to compensate Camden residents for the harm that HS2 is doing to our area. This reflects the conclusions of the House of Commons and House of Lords Select Committees, which concluded that Camden will be subject to ‘unprecedented disruption’ and ‘requires special treatment’.

Sadly, the proposed scheme falls far far short of what is required and does not meet any of the policy goals that the Government set when it accepted the recommendations of the House of Lords Committee. I also believe it is not capable of rational justification.

I submitted formal evidence to the consultation arguing this, which can be read in full here. Hopefully, HS2 will collapse under the weight of evidence that it is not fit for purpose. But if it is to go ahead, residents must be compensated properly, and this proposal would simply mean they weren’t.

For more about my campaign against HS2, click here.