Camden responded to my question about what they’re doing to improve access to electric vehicle charging points by calling for residents to write in demanding more.

Having seen how little publicity Camden gives to consultations and calls for evidence, I doubt many people will be aware that their opinion matters – so as local councillors, we’ve launched a survey to ask people if they want more.

This involves a wide-reaching survey across Hampstead, in addition to targeted, in-depth door-step interviews on roads with or near existing points to receive specific feedback – good or bad – about the existing infrastructure.

Along with other local Conservatives, I’ve already conducted a survey of Church Row and will be talking to residents across the rest of NW3 in the coming weeks and months. That way, we can ensure that demand for electric vehicle charging points is accurately fed back to Camden Council, as is the feedback that is needed to make the project a success.

The general feedback from Church Row was very positive – with almost all residents supporting more electric vehicle charging points. However, several residents had concerns that the charging point there is ugly and that the parking space is reserved for electric vehicles, meaning the loss of spaces for other road users.

With these problems addressed, there is no reason Camden can’t take the lead and radically expand the network of public electric vehicle charging points.

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