I’m delighted that the number of people out of work has hit a new record low in both Hampstead Town and the whole of the borough of Camden.

The number of people having to rely on out-of-work benefits in Hampstead Town has fallen by 14% in the last month – taking the total reduction since 2010 to 60%: meaning 72 fewer people are out of work in our community than under Labour. The number left out of work – 48 – is not just a record low for Hampstead Town, but a record low for any ward anywhere in Camden.

Across the whole of Camden, unemployment has also fallen to a new all-time low, with the number of people having to rely on out-of-work benefits falling by 806 in the last year. Since 2010, the number has halved, meaning 2,892 fewer out of work: almost 3,000 Camden residents whose lives have been improved immeasurably under the Conservatives.

This is all down to workers, entrepreneurs, and local businesses taking full advantage of the strong environment created by the Conservative government. This government has cut taxes on workers and employers, reformed welfare to make sure work always pays, halved Labour’s deficit to keep down interest rates and inflation, and stopped the cost of living rising for the first time in sixty years.

Since 2010, the UK has enjoyed the fastest economic growth of any major western economy and created almost two million new jobs – of which just 20% have been part-time. But there’s so much still left to do, which is why the Conservative majority is great news for both Hampstead and Camden.