The number of people out of work in Hampstead fell to yet another record low last month in yet another sign that the economy is roaring ahead and benefiting local people.

Just 34 Hampstead Town residents are now dependent on out-of-work benefits: down from 120 when Labour left office in 2010. That’s a reduction of 72% under the Conservatives.

Across Camden, there are 2,945 fewer people out of work than there were in May 2010: a fall of more than half.

Nationally, 1.4 million new jobs have been created since May 2010 – with five out of six of them (84%) being full-time, compared to just half (54%) between 1997 and 2010. Regular pay is 2.8% higher than it was a year ago, while the cost of living is just 0.1% higher.

All of this shows the success of the Conservatives’ economic plan, and shows how much is at stake if Labour gets back into power – particularly if it’s led by Jeremy Corbyn!