Boris Johnson have scored a big victory for Londoners by blocking TfL imposing spiteful over-regulation on Uber and other taxi apps, which he’s called ‘ludicrous and Neanderthal’.

I wrote to Boris with four Camden Conservatives colleagues to oppose the proposals in October. A big thanks to Westminster Conservatives for setting an example with their own letter, and the 200,000 Londoners that signed the petition against the plan.

Instead of making London and Londoners safer, the proposals would have risked safety by requiring passengers to stand on the street for five minutes before using an Uber. It would have made traffic worse by banning car-pooling. And it would have reduced competition and hurt drivers by stopping them working for two companies.

And, of course, with black cab prices out of the reach of many Londoners, by cutting prices, apps like Uber have made cabs more accessible to more Londoners, who now have an alternative to a night bus.

So all-in-all, this is great news for London. Thank you to everyone that made their voices heard – and to Boris Johnson for shooting down the mad idea.

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