West Hampstead and Fortune Green have overwhelmingly backed the Neighbourhood Plan, which was backed and promoted by the Conservatives.

The Plan was passed by a referendum this Thursday by a majority of 93% to 7% across the two wards: becoming the first in Camden and the second in London to come into effect.

Neighbourhood Plans give communities more say over local development, as they have standing alongside Camden’s own Local Plan and can be cited by Camden’s planning committee as grounds to reject inappropriate development.

Among other objectives, the West Hampstead & Fortune Green Plan will provide for more affordable housing, ban skyscrapers, promote local employment, and protect green spaces.

Neighbourhood Plans were introduced by the Conservative government through the Localism Act 2011. The West Hampstead Plan was strongly backed by the local Conservatives, including Andrew Parkinson and Ian Cohen helping to develop the Plan from the very early stages.

I’ve attended West Hampstead NDF meetings, I manned a stand promoting the Plan, and I delivered leaflets articulating why people should vote YES, and I could not be happier that so many did.

The Hampstead Forum is in the process of drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan that covers most of Hampstead Town (as well as some nearby areas), and I strongly support their work to preserve what’s great about our community.

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