Oliver Cooper at 29 New End protest
Oliver Cooper at South End Green Festival
Oliver Cooper on the Heath
Oliver Cooper with Tom Currie at the Holly Bush column
Oliver Cooper gardening at the gardens on Pond Street outside the Royal Free Hospital

I’m proud to represent my home ward of Hampstead Town on Camden Council, where I’m also the Leader of the Opposition. I live on Flask Walk, in the heart of Hampstead village. And having lived in NW3 my entire adult life, I could not imagine a more beautiful, dynamic, and diverse community to represent.

I’m also proud to be a Conservative. I am a classical liberal: believing in economic and social freedom. I believe that people make better decisions for themselves than politicians do; that liberty creates prosperity for everyone, especially the worst off; that free trade and exchange between nations is the best precursor to peace; that men must take responsibility to create a world in which all women have as many opportunities as men do; and that communities are stronger when they’re empowered by government, not instructed by it.

Standing up for Hampstead and Camden

Camden is, sadly, currently a Labour-controlled borough, meaning we’re in opposition, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t lots that can be done. Before becoming the Leader of the Opposition, I was the Shadow Cabinet member for housing and for community safety (including policing and fire), and led our opposition to HS2 (having grown up in Buckinghamshire, this is especially a no-brainer!). I’ve also sat as the chair of the Resources & Corporate Performance Scrutiny Committee and used my professional expertise as an economist, working for an international law firm in the City of London, to scrutinise Camden’s finances.

What motivates me to do that is my love of our community and our borough. I’ve lived in six of Camden’s eighteen wards: from Holborn to West Hampstead. I attended University College London in Bloomsbury. My dad grew up in Kentish Town, and my mum lives in Frognal & Fitzjohns. I’m a member of the Heath & Hampstead Society, the Hampstead Forum, the Belsize Residents’ Association, and the Flask Walk Neighbourhood Association.

You can read about some of the campaigns I’m involved in here.

Other activities

By day, I am an economist, specialising in tax and trade economics. I am head of policy for a corporate law firm, where I work especially on international matters. I am a member of the Society of Professional Economists.

Away from politics and the day job, I’m a big sports fan (Arsenal, Saracens, and Middlesex), run on Hampstead Heath most days, have a cat called Mishmish (Arabic for ‘apricots’), volunteer as much as I can, am continually learning (check out EdX and Duolingo), and love to travel (50 countries down – 145 left to go!). I tweet at @OliverCooper.

You can read about my great ward colleagues Maria and Stephen here. If you’d like to get in touch, visit the Contact page and drop me a message.