Hampstead has, as with much of Camden, experienced in a rush of development in recent years. Some of it has been beneficial, but where development would harm our community, I have been strongly opposed.

I have spoken at Camden’s Planning Committee several times since being elected – possibly more than any other councillor in Camden in that time – to oppose applications that would hurt Hampstead residents.

If there are any developments of concern to you, please get in touch and let me know.

1. Opposing inappropriate developments

From the Nurses Home at 29 New End to Arthur West House on Fitzjohns Avenue, there have been a number of mega-developments in recent months and years that undermine the character and liveability of Hampstead, as well as reduce the affordability of housing.

On top of this, a plethora of basement excavations that endanger neighbouring properties have been waved through by Camden Council. Basements by their nature do not expand the housing supply or improve affordability – but they do harm to neighbouring buildings if done on inappropriate sites, and I have campaigned for them to be approved only in rare circumstances.

2. Preserving Hampstead’s character

Hampstead has one of the oldest Conservation Areas in the country: dating back to 1968. Developments in the Conservation Area must preserve and enhance the Conservation Area’s character, and I speak out strongly when planning applications do not.

I am fully supportive of the Hampstead Forum and its role of developing a Neighbourhood Plan – a statutory mechanism introduced by Eric Pickles in 2011 to give communities greater control of local planning.

3. Helping residents to scrutinise and object to proposals

I have been a leading voice for Camden to continue sending letters to residents informing them when an application has been submitted for neighbouring properties, and will push for this service to be restored so residents can scrutinise and object to inappropriate development.

I back both the Hampstead Conservation Area Advisory Committee and Heath & Hampstead Society in scrutinising applications, and am pushing to improve their access to plans received by Camden Council.

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