As a local resident, I love Hampstead’s green spaces, especially the Heath. Green spaces are rare in London and must be cherished – and where new green spaces can be created or existing green spaces improved, I will back them fully.

London is a world city, and I’m proud of its bustling attractions, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of livability. We’re blessed in Hampstead with the Heath, which all of London enjoys. But we have to fight for it and our other green spaces to ensure Hampstead remains the attractive, healthy place we all want it to be.

1. Protect Hampstead Heath for the next generation

I fought against the Hampstead Heath dams and am campaigning to protect Hampstead Heath from further incursions that harm its unique natural beauty. I run on Hampstead Heath several times a week and use my own experiences when liaising with the City of London Corporation or Camden Council or Heath-related matters.

2. Create new green spaces in Hampstead village on Oriel Place and Boades Mews

I am campaigning to create two new green spaces in the middle of Hampstead village by re-opening and restoring Oriel Place Gardens and by improving and opening to the public the garden on Boades Mews.

Oriel Place Gardens is an open area in the heart of Hampstead village – between Gail’s and the Horseshoe pub – that’s owned by Camden Council, but inexplicably kept locked. Funds have already been secured to restore and improve the space.

The tatty garden on Boades Mews – the short pedestrian path linking Flask Walk and New End – is used by New End School, but is not open to the public: meaning it’s not used at weekends or during holidays. I’m campaigning to open it during weekends and holidays and use CIL funding to improve it, so the schoolchildren benefit, too.

3. Create a green corridor from the Heath to Haverstock Hill

I support improving the green spaces in South End and Belsize Park, too, including creating a green corridor from Hampstead Heath to Haverstock Hill. I have worked with local residents on the gardens on Pond Street: dedicating half a dozen Saturday mornings getting my hands dirty and actually helping plant the garden myself. I support community efforts to make Haverstock Hill greener, too.

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