There was a meeting of Camden Council on Monday, 13th July. As it was a virtual meeting due to coronavirus, the agenda was brief. As part of my accountability to residents, below are the actions I took at the meeting.

  1. I asked the Cabinet member for Planning why Camden was sitting on the country’s largest pile of unspent payments in lieu of affordable housing and also writing off more than any other council. Camden sells off the right to demand affordable housing on site or nearby, leading to a hollowing out of communities. But it doesn’t then spend the money it raises, meaning no social benefit on site or… anywhere else. The Cabinet member didn’t really answer. (Q)
  2. I seconded a cross-party motion in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. That motion stated that black lives matter. Labour criticised me for insisting that those words were not capitalised (and saying we wouldn’t second it if they were), but I think that matters. We want to send a signal of support to black Britons – we don’t want to send a signal of support for a particular political movement or organisation. (M)